Archives of hustlers

Maybe Jungkook just had the touch. Seokjin put down three aces and Jungkook counted to ten slowly in his mind. Seokjin put down three pairs in succession.

Archives of hustlers
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Archives of hustlers

Hustlers Taboo Usa 2015 09 10

Jungkook had tried everything out of the book, acting up and rebelling against society norms, trashing up whatever he felt like whenever he felt like, going out to clubs and coming home smashed and wreaking havoc in efforts to gain a little attention from his father - to settling down to study and work hard, getting top grades and barely ever setting foot outside aside from going to school to prove that he had the brains, drive and right to inherit the business. A couple million was nothing. Jungkook was very, very close to screaming. Man, what tricky archives of hustlers you've got, kiddo.

Archives of hustlers
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Hustler USA September 2014

Jungkook downed half of his beer and threw down his three aces, daring anyone to follow. Maybe it was when he won Blackjack archives of hustlers the same amount of time it took Jimin to explain how to play. He got the usual cold shoulder for his efforts.

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